IDS Syndrome

Some people might see me as an ‘acceptable’ sort of disabled person. I work, pay tax and generally feel pretty positive about my life. But I’ll let you into a secret: this isn’t because I’m saintly or have an exceptional… read more

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Dog’s Dinner

The expression usually goes ‘Your dinner’s in the dog’. But that wasn’t the case tonight though when the dog was on me, the dinner was on the floor, and Olive? Olive was struggling to decide which crisis to deal with… read more

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Normal For Tories

A couple of days ago Iain Duncan Smith, Minister for Work and Pensions, used an ordinary word in a very ugly way.

This is what he said about the numbers of working disabled people:

“But the most importantread more

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At the start of a ‘ticcing fit’ I usually make a repetitive noise that sounds like the word, ‘How’.

At the weekend, while I was in Northern Ireland with the Backstage In Biscuit Land crew, I started having a… read more

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Fit For Take Off

Today began way earlier than I would’ve liked. I was out of bed and climbing into a cab by 4:30am! On the plus side, I’m now in Belfast where we’ve just finished our first performance of Backstage in Biscuit Land… read more

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Blank October

I’ve just come through to my bedroom to go to bed. The main light was off already and my bedside light was glowing gently. Two Baclofen tablets were laid out ready for me to take,… read more

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Late Night Time Travel

The last few nights have felt a bit like time-travel for me, but it’s a sort of time-travel that I’m not particularly excited about.

Until four years ago I used to tic in my sleep. According to Fat Sister… read more

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Knife Soup

For anyone with uncontrollable movements in their arms, soup isn’t usually the best choice on the menu, and although my bowl was full of chunks of bread to help keep it under control, I still managed to make a mess.… read more

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Biscuit Land’s Last Night In Edinburgh

Tonight we welcomed our last Edinburgh audience into Biscuit Land. It was an amazing show – in the first few minutes Teddy Ruxpin got run over on my command by Euan of brilliant Euan’s Guide fame, I bit… read more

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A Break From The Fringe

This morning I was a woman on a mission. Before our performance of Backstage In Biscuit Land at 5pm I needed to find a new set of wheels, my own wheelchair having suffered a catastrophic injury inread more

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