A Fitting Storm

Yesterday, as Will and I travelled back from the writing group at The Royal Court Theatre I started having a ‘ticcing fit’. We were in a cab and Will quickly moved closer,… read more

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City Solo

Last May I wrote a post about a magical moment alone in my city. I had another one the other day, slightly less romantic – I wasn’t rolling through London on a sunny day,… read more

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Two Journeys

This morning I was late for a meeting. It wasn’t because I hadn’t allowed enough time to get there, but because I wasn’t allowed to get on the bus I was waiting for. Why wasn’t I allowed on? Because I’m… read more

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My Promise

The utter devastation I’m feeling today is indescribable.

But there’s little need to describe it because the disappointment, confusion and fear I feel is reflected in the faces, voices and status updates of everyone I know.

Just a few days… read more

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The Longest Five Years of My Life

The general election’s just three days away and I can’t wait – I’ve never been so ready to vote. The last five years have felt like the longest years ever – they could’ve been five decades.

My life looks very… read more

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We’re safely back in the UK after our epic trip to Norway. Here, with just a week until polling day, the country’s in the grip of election campaigning. Predictably my tics are too:

“This is a party election… read more

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The Most Ridiculous Position To Date

Last night Will found me having a ‘ticcing fit’ in the most ridiculous position yet. On discovering me he said, ‘I can’t wait to hear how you ended up like this.’

He had to wait a while for an… read more

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Ambition Capped

If you’re a disabled person with high or specialist support needs, or if your job involves long working hours, or if you work abroad, there’s something you need to know – your career, your ambition, your potential are about to… read more

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Annual Sadness

Yesterday the clocks went forward. Tomorrow is the first day of our Easter playscheme at work, and today the sky is blue. But so am I. I woke up feeling sad, and this feeling’s grown throughout the day. This afternoon… read more

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Idea Amplifier - Day Two

There was no delay in getting started on day two of Idea Amplifier – everyone arrived early (despite the clocks changing), eager to start.

We’d all been reflecting on four questions overnight, so our… read more

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