Educating the Educators

A few weeks ago I read an incredible blog post by Sophia, a young woman with Tourettes, on the ten things she’d like you to know about the condtion.

I thought it was brilliant, so I asked Sophia… read more

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Puddles or Booby Traps

I’ve just had a shocking wheelchair crash caused indirectly by the rain that’s been thundering down all day. And it wasn’t because the ground was slippery, as you might have expected. So I’d better start at the beginning.

Earlier this… read more

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Hitting the Wall

Yesterday evening I hit the wall – a physical wall and a wall of tiredness.

It’d been a busy day and by 11pm I felt my body giving up. I moved from feeling fine to being overtaken by the discomfort… read more

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Lottie Fortnight

I mentioned my search for a new support worker a couple of weeks ago. I’m looking for someone to help me at work on a full-time basis. Until now this has been done by a team… read more

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On The Buses

Two months ago I shared an open letter to Leon Daniels, Managing Director of Surface Transport for Transport for London (TfL). I wrote to him following an upsetting incident when a bus driver refused to let me… read more


Brain Waving

This morning I took part in some research being conducted by the Movement Disorder team at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery.

This study involves collecting data from the brain using an electroencephalogram, more commonly know as an EEG.… read more

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Morning Work-Out

Most mornings my support worker Ana helps me wash and get ready for work, but occasionally she’s not available Veronica steps in.

Veronica’s been supporting me on and off for almost four years and we know each other really well.… read more

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Zombie Walk

King Russell has a longstanding obsession with zombies. He’s got zombie films, zombie books, zombie t-shirts and a regularly updated zombie plan.

This all makes me worry that if he sees one of my latest ‘ticcing fit’ moves he… read more

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Fit on a Ramp

Summer holidays are our busiest time at work. The three play projects I help run are open all day every weekday during our five-week playscheme. Today was the start of our second week and all the sites were full of… read more

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The Right Chair

Regular readers of this blog will know I need no excuse to write about wheelchairs. When it comes to wheelchairs I’m a woman obsessed, but it’s an obsession with a very valid origin. The right wheelchair gives me autonomy and… read more

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