Reflections Unlimited

A week ago I left the castle with my support worker and got on a bus into town. It was a warm Saturday morning so waiting at the stop was no hardship. It was a good job it wasn’t because… read more

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DLA Renewal

A couple of days ago the renewal form for my Disability Living Allowance (DLA) arrived in the post. I was relieved to see they were for DLA because it meant I wasn’t yet on the list to be assessed… read more

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Talking Dirty

Yesterday was another packed day at the Southbank’s Unlimited Festival. I decided to sample Unlimited Voices, a series of panel discussions and debates on subjects relating to disability and art.

The talk I went… read more

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Saying ‘Yes’ To Soup

After we’d been to the theatre last night Will and I went to a Thai café in Waterloo. We had to wait for a table but I’ve been there before so knew it would be worth… read more

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Fit On A Beach

I’ve spent today at the seaside – Littlehampton to be precise. We took a group of children from work on end of summer trip. From the moment we arrived I knew we’d have a great day. The atmosphere… read more

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Arms in Trouble

This afternoon I let out a gasp of frustration and shouted, ‘Arms, stop being dicks!’ Moments later I apologised to them, but they’re really behaving badly at the moment.

The other day I mentioned my new elbowing-things tic: walls, tables,… read more

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Mind v Body

We got back from Shambala in the early hours of this morning, and I went straight to bed. Several hours later I woke up to a very rainy London, feeling exhausted. I’d been planning to go to Nottingread more

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Sunday at Shambala

I had lunch with Bunny, Fran, Pete and a load of other people, sitting on the grass, bathed in sunshine, with the sound from the main stage of an incredible harp player drifting over hundreds of other people all having… read more

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A Crazy Move

The sun’s been out for most of the day and Shambala’s looking beautiful, with people in colourful costumes everywhere. I’m not doing a show today so I’m able to relax properly.

Captain Hotknives did have… read more

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Edinburgh Life

We’ve been in Edinburgh for a week now, and I’m settling into life in a new city.

One of the things I was finding difficult to imagine before we arrived was how each day would pan out, what support I’d… read more

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