Fat Sister Strikes Again

Fat Sister’s a specialist Registrar in a busy South London hospital. Like every doctor I’ve ever met she takes the oath she made to ‘do no harm’ very seriously. Her day and night shifts are always long, she … read more

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Access To Work Should Never Be For Sale

It’s 10’oclock, I’ve just got home from work because of a late meeting, I’m not feeling well, and I’ve just come across a horrible leak. And it’s not the watery kind that can be fixed by a plumber. It’s a … read more

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Seeing The Difference

When I was at work this weekend I was lucky enough to witness a moment that was both unremarkable and at the same time, so beautiful that I don’t know if I’ll be able to find the words to describe … read more

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Wheel Woes

I have four wheelchairs: my heavy NHS chair, my everyday chair, my all-terrain chair for work and festivals, and a light-weight folding back-up-chair which I had to get when my everyday chair catastrophically broke last August.

As of … read more

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Dingo or Bingabilty?

Several times a day my tics intensify dramatically – I call these episodes ‘ticcing fits’ because they look seizure-like and need similar management. They have a number of distinct elements any or all of which may happen during … read more

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An Otter Saves The Day

My possessions have quite a hard life. My tics mean that my things get dropped, thrown, bitten and squished much more often than other people’s. This means I seek out robust tic-proof items wherever possible.

Take my smart phone for … read more

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Chair Breaker

When I was a child my dad used to say I needed shoes made of iron because of how quickly I managed to destroy them. I never really understood his concern but I’m starting to have some sympathy with him … read more

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How Can I Possibly Be Lonely?

I wrote yesterday about having had a bad day and feeling sad. It was a spectacularly miserable day, but some of what I was feeling wasn’t completely new. For example, over the last few weeks or even months there have … read more


My Castle Is My Home

Today’s the start of my fifth year at the castle, and that means it’s now the longest I’ve lived anywhere since I left home. I love being here, so it’s strange to remember how reluctant I was to move out … read more

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Broadcasting Difference

I’m one of an estimated 11 million people in the UK who are disabled. We make up about a fifth of the population. But despite this it’s very rare to see or hear issues that affect me as a disabled … read more

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