Hearing Old Words in a New Way

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned a rocky ‘ticcing fit’ I’d had that morning which had involved Kyle giving Will, who was supporting me, a hand. This was because my body was moving with… read more

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Things I Haven’t Yet Fucked

I had a really rocky ‘ticcing fit’ earlier today. Will was supporting me, and my work friend Kyle came to help as well. As the fit drew to a close and my speech returned so did my vocal tics… read more

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Maths Problem

Touretteshero is left alone in her bedroom with a price gun.

The price sticker reads £1.50

The total value of Touretteshero’s head when Will returns from brushing his teeth is £16.50

How many £1.50 labels are on Touretteshero’s hair and… read more

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An Unexpected Encounter With An Equality Champion

The accessibility of buses has been in the press a lot recently because of the High Court case about wheelchair spaces and how much responsibility bus companies have for ensuring that wheelchair users always have first claim on them,… read more

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Will Wakes Me to Talk About Cormorant Feet… Again

I’ve been under the weather for the last few days and it’s meant I’ve been having more ‘ticcing fits’ than usual.

I woke up having one in the early hours of this morning although if you’d heard what my… read more

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Twelve Months Strong

I’ve just re-read the post I wrote on New Year’s Eve exactly a year ago and it reminded me what a decidedly rocky start I’d had to 2014. On Boxing Day last year the muscles in… read more

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Don’t Pray for Me

My jaw had become locked open and my body was twisted by spasms in my muscles. I was at home, on the sofa, cushions and padding everywhere, with a carer in the same room. I should’ve been feeling safe but… read more

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A Satisfying Sight

I’ve finished work for a bit and at last I’ve got time to attend to all those little jobs that’ve been building up over the last few weeks.

I’ve done a load of filing, pumped up the tyres on my… read more

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My Once in a While Bath

I’ve had a ‘ticcing fit’ during the night every night this week which means my sleep’s been very disrupted, leaving me exhausted and achy. So this evening I decided I’d have a bath to help me relax and feel… read more

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The Essential A to Z

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on a big funding bid at work for our inclusion project. In the process I’ve looked at a lot of research by some great organisations and it got me thinking about… read more

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