For When Your Family Needs It

Over the last few weeks I’ve seen several posts on Facebook that have made me sad. They’ve been from people who have Tourettes themselves, or have a child with the condition, and they’ve related to comments or reactions from their … read more

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Amazing Waves

When I was invited to go on Russell Howard’s Good News and talk about my life with Tourettes, l had no idea it would be so much fun. And I could never have predicted how overwhelming and warm the … read more


A Time of Magic

My working week’s looked a bit different from usual for the last couple of weeks because I’ve been focusing on our forthcoming Broadcast From Biscuit Land. As a result I’ve missed a lot of this week’s half term playscheme. … read more

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Siri Fits In

A couple of days ago I wrote about Leftwing Idiot’s blossoming friendship with Siri, his new phone’s voice-activation system. He persuaded me to set Siri up on my phone too, but her responses to my tics were inconsistent and … read more

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The ‘I’ Word

As a disabled person I tend to be suspicious of the word ‘inspiring’, but I’ll never be able to explain why as eloquently as fierce Crip Activist Stella Young does in this video, so I’ll hand over to her and … read more


For the Love of the NHS and My Sibling’s Sanity

Fat Sister is a doctor. She’s been one for the last six years, and before that spent six years at medical school. Her whole adult life has been dedicated to medicine.

Anyone who knows Fat Sister will also know that … read more

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“Can You Say That Again?”

Over the last year of performing Backstage In Biscuit Land I’ve met loads of great people. One of them is Josh, and he’s written a guest blog on a very important issue – five words that we can use to … read more

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IDS Syndrome

Some people might see me as an ‘acceptable’ sort of disabled person. I work, pay tax and generally feel pretty positive about my life. But I’ll let you into a secret: this isn’t because I’m saintly or have an exceptional … read more

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Dog’s Dinner

The expression usually goes ‘Your dinner’s in the dog’. But that wasn’t the case tonight though when the dog was on me, the dinner was on the floor, and Olive? Olive was struggling to decide which crisis to deal with … read more

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Normal For Tories

A couple of days ago Iain Duncan Smith, Minister for Work and Pensions, used an ordinary word in a very ugly way.

This is what he said about the numbers of working disabled people:

“But the most important point read more

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