Snail Slalom

I’ve been enjoying being back in my Trekinetic wheelchair, but I’m trying to be sensible, not taking any risks and paying close attention to the terrain.

And there are three snails that are very lucky I’ve been paying… read more

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The Dentist

On June 28th last year I wrote about the start of something that wasn’t finally finished until today. What was this lengthy process? It was getting my teeth cleaned and polished by the special care dentistry team at my… read more

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25 Years John

25 years ago, in March 1989 a QED documentary, John’s Not Mad’ introduced Johnny Davison, a thoughtful and charismatic Scottish teenager with Tourettes, to the British public.

The programme showed the impact of Tourettes and of people’s reactions… read more

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Name Calling

Leftwing Idiot and I had an unusually long wait for my fracture clinic appointment this morning. We sat in the large waiting room chatting away while a steady stream of staff marched in calling out other patients’ names, but… read more

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Rogue Fairy

A few days ago I wrote about my strange obsession with pig stickers. Well, it seems that the Pig Fairy’s been listening because this evening, during a ‘ticcing fit’, I mysteriously ended up with a pig sticker… read more

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Frustrated Shopper

I popped into my local shop earlier to get a drink.

It’s a big shop with level access and wide aisles, but despite this when I left I felt frustrated and annoyed.

The aisles would be plenty wide enough for… read more

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We Need to Talk About Disability

At work we run a programme for schools called ‘Play-based learning.’ School groups can book a series of visits during which they take part in exciting creative activities and have some time for free play as well. The aim of… read more

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Pig Stickers

I’ve written a lot about my on-going quest for pigs, the highly customised dog toys that I’m given by the mysterious Pig Fairy whenever I have a day without a ‘ticcing fit’.

A couple of months ago I… read more

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Your First Tourettes Event?

I remember very clearly the first event for people with Tourettes I ever attended. It was a Tourettes Action meeting held one evening in a hall in central London. Up until then I’d never met or spoken to… read more


Thigh Storage

I saw an interesting post on Facebook a few days ago by a fellow wheelchair-user. She was describing all the things she stashes away down the back of her wheelchair seat, and how one of these things, a pin, had… read more

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