Carbon Fibre v Tourettes

Carbon fibre may be five times stronger than steel, but it’s no match for tics!

Last night my much-loved wheelchair suffered a shocking break. I was out at a pub for my friend Lottie’s birthday and chatting… read more

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BAC’s Phoenix

Yesterday evening I met up with Hannah, Emma and Laura, my former flatmates and friends of seventeen years. I was due to meet Laura first, at 6pm, but her bus got stuck in traffic. Will, who’d been supporting me throughout… read more

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Farewell Old Lair

Around this time four years ago the tics in my legs (which were already giving me a very unusual style of walking) intensified and started having a much bigger impact on my mobility. At the time I was… read more

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We Need To Talk About Eddie

I’ve tried really hard to not write this post. I’d planned originally to do it in time for the Oscars last weekend but I was laid low with a cold and didn’t have the energy or focus it would’ve needed.… read more

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Sort of Annoying

Over the past few years I’ve sort of developed a reputation as the sort of Biscuit Woman because I sort of say ‘Biscuit’ sort of all the time. But there’s something else I sort of say that’s actually sort of… read more

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Tree Chat

I spend a fair bit of time involuntarily chatting to trees, mainly the those outside my bedroom window who, along with the lamp-post, the TV aerial and the moon, get a lot of attention from my… read more

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Access to Cheers

At the end of last week I wrote Access to Tears, a post describing how, after a long and upsetting process, Access to Work (AtW – the scheme that provides support for working disabled… read more


Hearing Old Words in a New Way

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned a rocky ‘ticcing fit’ I’d had that morning which had involved Kyle giving Will, who was supporting me, a hand. This was because my body was moving with… read more

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Things I Haven’t Yet Fucked

I had a really rocky ‘ticcing fit’ earlier today. Will was supporting me, and my work friend Kyle came to help as well. As the fit drew to a close and my speech returned so did my vocal tics… read more

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Maths Problem

Touretteshero is left alone in her bedroom with a price gun.

The price sticker reads £1.50

The total value of Touretteshero’s head when Will returns from brushing his teeth is £16.50

How many £1.50 labels are on Touretteshero’s hair and… read more

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