The Long and the Short of it

In case you haven’t heard or noticed there’s been a bit of a heat wave in the UK over the last couple of weeks. I’ve been mostly enjoying the sunny weather but there’s been one slight drawback – the upsurge… read more

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Back to the Bins

Last July I wrote a long letter to Nick Gorse, Dean of Camberwell College of Art, about how awful wheelchair access is at their main site. After a long wait I got a fairly disappointing reply, which said, basically,… read more

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Bearing Up

I’ve been back at work after my epic weekend at Glastonbury. I arrived to the very sad news that the play building at our adventure playground was the victim of… read more

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Anti Austerity

Yesterday 50,000 people marched through central London carrying a peaceful but powerful message to the doors of the Houses of Parliament. Poppy and I were among them.

We were there with tens of thousands of other people in the shadow… read more

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Defend the DSA

When I was eight I was diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia, I was ticcing a bit then too, but they were mild, and it wasn’t until they intensified in my early twenties that I was diagnosed with Tourettes. I was… read more


Dalmatian Piggy

When I got in this evening there was a surprise waiting for me in my living room – perched on top of the bookcase (also known as the Piggy Display Unit, or PDU) was Dalmatian Piggy!

Regular readers will be… read more

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Slow Puncture

Without wishing to sound boastful, or weird, I’ve got an inflatable in my bathroom. It’s not a bouncy castle or a Lilo though – it’s an inflatable bath-lift that helps me get in and out of the bath safely. My… read more

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Far From Normal

It’s the early hours of Monday morning. It’s a humid night and I’ve been struggling to sleep, partly because of the heat, and partly because I’ve been reading Francesca Martinez’s brilliant new book What the ****read more

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My Twenty-fourth Fit-Free Day

Yesterday was my twenty-fourth day without a ‘ticcing fit’ since records began back in October 2011. This is particularly significant because it’ll be my last ‘Piggy Day’.

For anyone unfamiliar with the term, these are full calendar days… read more

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Dirty Feet

The sun’s out so I’m likely to be moving around the castle with bare feet. Because my walking’s so wobbly I tend to crawl or shuffle about on my knees and I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon resulting from this. Maybe… read more

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