So You Want To Tell a Tourettes Joke?

A few days ago comedian Jimmy Carr apparently made a lazy Tourettes joke on TV linking Tourettes to uncontrollable swearing. This wasn’t the first time for Jimmy, and a number of other comedians have made similar jokes recently. I’ve read more

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Sophie Fits

Over the last few weeks I’ve been experiencing a strange new phenomenon, which I’m calling Sophie Fits.

During almost all my recent ‘ticcing fits’ I’ve talked about Sophie, both my old friend (and former support worker) Sophie who… read more

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Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model

When Leftwing Idiot was in Edinburgh in the summer he saw a lot of shows at the Fringe Festival. One that really impressed him was Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model. He wasn’t the only person… read more

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A Shocking Tic

Leftwing Idiot and I were having dinner together last night when I suddenly said:

“Salman Rushdie had AIDS.”

Leftwing Idiot did a double take and then with a quizzical look asked ‘Was that a tic?’ Surprised he’d had to ask,… read more

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Wanted: Wrestlers!

Twelve-year-old guest blogger Dylan is back with some excellent news, a brilliant blog and a fantastic job opportunity. I’ll let Dylan explain…


I’ve got some good news: for four hours per week I’m getting help at home (maybe… read more

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Thatcher’s Here, My Lord

I’ve written before about my tics’ strange ability to see into the future. They were able to predict the Jimmy Savile scandal long before the story broke, and they’ve become so finely tuned that I’ve decided to share… read more

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Finding a Balance

I’ve described many times how even the slightest emotion can trigger an entirely disproportionate reaction in my body. This happens when I’m happy and excited, during films for example, or even when I simply roll my r’s. The… read more

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Have You Heard the One About the Celebrity and the Stereotypical Tourettes Joke?

Tonight on his TV chat show Jonathan Ross described Jamie Oliver as being ‘Like Gordon Ramsey but without the Tourettes.’ I’m not particularly worked up by this comment but I do want to say once again, and as clearly as… read more


Educating Ricky

A few weeks ago Ricky Gervais used the word ‘mong’ on Twitter. This is an offensive and derogatory name for people with Downs Syndrome and a lot has been written about why it’s unacceptable. For Ricky Gervais to… read more

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Rolling With Pat Cash

This evening I was rolling on the floor having another acute ticcing episode. This included me partially losing the ability to speak and all I was able to say, over and over… read more

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