Thatcher’s Here, My Lord

I’ve written before about my tics’ strange ability to see into the future. They were able to predict the Jimmy Savile scandal long before the story broke, and they’ve become so finely tuned that I’ve decided to share… read more

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Finding a Balance

I’ve described many times how even the slightest emotion can trigger an entirely disproportionate reaction in my body. This happens when I’m happy and excited, during films for example, or even when I simply roll my r’s. The… read more

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Have You Heard the One About the Celebrity and the Stereotypical Tourettes Joke?

Tonight on his TV chat show Jonathan Ross described Jamie Oliver as being ‘Like Gordon Ramsey but without the Tourettes.’ I’m not particularly worked up by this comment but I do want to say once again, and as clearly as… read more


Educating Ricky

A few weeks ago Ricky Gervais used the word ‘mong’ on Twitter. This is an offensive and derogatory name for people with Downs Syndrome and a lot has been written about why it’s unacceptable. For Ricky Gervais to… read more

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Rolling With Pat Cash

This evening I was rolling on the floor having another acute ticcing episode. This included me partially losing the ability to speak and all I was able to say, over and over… read more

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Licence to Laugh

This afternoon Leftwing Idiot and I went shopping in town for stuff for my new lair. On the bus home a man in front turned and asked me if I’d been interviewed by Stephen Fry… read more

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“Boris Johnson, Crash Bandicoot”

Yesterday afternoon London Mayor Boris Johnson visited one of the projects I work for to launch a new volunteering scheme. We have a big team of young volunteers who help run our go-kart track and we’ve got… read more

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“Welcome to Biscuit Land”

This evening Touretteshero features in the third episode of Stephen Fry’s series Planet Word on BBC2. I spoke to Stephen back in February about having Tourettes and about the unusual relationship it gives me with… read more

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The First Word

Tonight was the first episode of Planet Word, a new Stephen Fry programme exploring language (Touretteshero will feature in an episode due to air in a few weeks).

This evening’s programme explored the beginnings of language, its… read more

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“Keith Duffy’s Allergic To Peanuts”

A few days ago I ticced, “Keith Duffy’s allergic to peanuts”. Keith was a member of 90s boy band, Boyzone. I have no particular interest in Boyzone, or in celebrity gossip, or allergies. I assumed this was just… read more