Rolling With Pat Cash

This evening I was rolling on the floor having another acute ticcing episode. This included me partially losing the ability to speak and all I was able to say, over and over… read more

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Licence to Laugh

This afternoon Leftwing Idiot and I went shopping in town for stuff for my new lair. On the bus home a man in front turned and asked me if I’d been interviewed by Stephen Fry… read more

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“Boris Johnson, Crash Bandicoot”

Yesterday afternoon London Mayor Boris Johnson visited one of the projects I work for to launch a new volunteering scheme. We have a big team of young volunteers who help run our go-kart track and we’ve got… read more

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“Welcome to Biscuit Land”

This evening Touretteshero features in the third episode of Stephen Fry’s series Planet Word on BBC2. I spoke to Stephen back in February about having Tourettes and about the unusual relationship it gives me with… read more

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The First Word

Tonight was the first episode of Planet Word, a new Stephen Fry programme exploring language (Touretteshero will feature in an episode due to air in a few weeks).

This evening’s programme explored the beginnings of language, its… read more

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“Keith Duffy’s Allergic To Peanuts”

A few days ago I ticced, “Keith Duffy’s allergic to peanuts”. Keith was a member of 90s boy band, Boyzone. I have no particular interest in Boyzone, or in celebrity gossip, or allergies. I assumed this was just… read more


Wall of Sound

I woke up this morning in a reflective mood. Last night along with Leftwing Idiot and Poppy, I saw Mark Thomas’s incredible and thought provoking show, Extreme Rambling – Walking the Wall, currently in its last… read more

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“I Do”

It’s royal wedding day and my tics were on hand in case anyone forgot:

“Do you Sugar Tits, take you Biscuit Barrel to bunk bed share with a lesbian?”
“Do you Sheepdog take you Biscuit to be a biscuit,… read more

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Fry Day

This morning I was interviewed by Stephen Fry as part of a TV series he’s making, called Planet Word. He’s exploring language in all its shapes and forms. Tourettes gives me an… read more

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Plucking Up Courage

Tomorrow morning I’m meeting Stephen Fry to talk about Tourettes as part of a programme he’s making about words and language. I’m a bit nervous and worried about saying something stupid. I’ve just finished my final… read more

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